Ambulance Services

Events Medical Services

Mortal Security Services specializes in providing tailored medical cover to all types of events. With a team of specialist managers to assist you in all stages of planning from risk assessment to deployment, MMU can provide cover for any type and size of event, anywhere within the Cyprus.

Over the years MORTAL has amassed expertise in many different types of events including, equestrian, music, motorsport, football and road running events along with a wide range of corporate events and Festivals.

With a team that includes a bank of Paramedics and fully qualified medical responders, MMMU (Mobile Mortal Medical Unit) have a professional team, qualified to the highest standards in pre hospital care.

The organization delivers a variety of event and medical services to individuals and businesses, which are designed to be cost effective and meet current regulations at all times.

With a professional uniformed approach, MORTAL is confident that your needs can be met whatever the event anywhere across the island.
MMMU can also provide fast cover for those unexpected let downs via our 24 hour call center.

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  • Track Days
  • Hill Climbs
  • Moto X
  • Sprinting
  • Dog Shows
  • Martial Arts
  • Weddings


  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Music Festivals
  • Country Shows
  • Water Sports


  • Show Jumbing
  • Cross – Country
  • Hunter Trials
  • Village Events
  • Charity
  • Events
  • Night Clubs
  • Beach Bars


Mobile Mortal Medical Unit offers an excellent Repatriation Service that provides transport to patients who become ill whilst on holiday.

Based in Limassol we are in the middle to the major motorways and within 45 minutes our service can transport you to Larnaca Airport and 35 minutes to Paphos Airport.

We are able to ensure a rapid response to transport.

Mortal Ambulance team can also arrange repatriation of family or loved ones with a worldwide network of aeromedical services at its disposal, enabling us to repatriate patients by air back to the Cyprus. If the patient’s condition is stable then we can also arrange transportation by road (only in Europe) back to the UK.

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Our Bariatric Service is designed to provide a safe and dignified transport solution to those whose weight, or condition require specialist transport.

With a quarter of men and women aged 16 or over classified as obese*, and figures predicted to rise, the need for specialist bariatric ambulance provision has become increasingly more important.

Bariatric patients generally have limited mobility and decreased lung capacity because of the weight of the chest wall.

This reduces the patient’s ability to assist during movement. Problems other than handling their weight arise because patient handling equipment, buildings and facilities are not designed for large body masses and shapes.

Availability and accessibility of specialist equipment is often limited and particular demands are placed upon carers throughout the patient journey with regard to patient lifting and movement.

Traditional ambulances and equipment such as stretchers have limited capacity and the combined weight of the stretcher and a bariatric patient may exceed the capacity of restraints in the vehicle in the event of sudden deceleration.

Many organisations that have an occasional requirement to transport bariatric patients are limited by the vehicles available to them, at times the weight of the patient exceeding their normal bariatric transport options.

Choose to use Mortal Mobile Medical Unit (MMMU) to handle your bariatric patient transfers and you’ll receive a fully equipped specialist ambulance, staffed by experienced personnel that have the ability to drive on blue lights and are familiar with conveying bariatric patients with special regard to their dignity and respect.

The Mortal Team bariatric service incorporates a specialist support unit that contains cutting edge lifting and handling equipment designed to ensure the safety of our staff and patients.

At MORTAL we have the expertise to handle these situations safely, securely and cost effectively.

High Dependency (HDU)

MORTAL offers a unique specialist High Dependency transport service. This HDU Service – designed for patients not requiring emergency treatment – conveys a wide range of patients such as non-urgent inter-hospital transfers, GP referrals, and patients that require a particular level of care.

The company offers 24 hour cover to assist hospitals transport medically stable High Dependency Patients to more suitable hospitals where the correct level of care can be provided.

NOTE: Please book your transport on purpose time

Our HDU crews are trained to IHCD BTEC standards with specialist knowledge of comprehensive, Pre Hospital Emergency Care, driving skills and patient moving and handling techniques.

Mortal Team High Dependency vehicle is equipped with necessary life saving equipment such as, Defibrillators, Patients Monitors, Oxygen and Entonox and the latest in patient handling devices.

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Festival Medics

Mortal Security is one of only a handful of services in the Cyprus that has a vast wealth of knowledge within the Festival sector.

From small fetes to large scale festivals MORTAL can assist in all aspects of your requirements. Using the current recommended guidelines contained in the revised Purple Guide and intimate knowledge of the sector, the team can produce a comprehensive medical needs analysis to ensure the correct medical infrastructure is in place during any size festival or large event.

Mortal will attend all Safety Advisory Group (SAG) meetings and liaise with local Private/Governmental Ambulance Trusts to ensure the correct levels of staff are present at each event.

The management team at Mortal have over 7 years’ experience within the industry and are fully conversant with the medical requirements during large scale festivals.

This experience has been gained at some of the Cypriot largest festivals and sporting events.

Mortal Mobile Medical Unit can provide the following

• Medical trailer and treatment tents with major injury facilities
• Pharmacy Services (with qualified pharmacists on hand to offer guidance and advice)
• Paramedics with at least 5 years’ front line medical experience
• Communications Unit with dedicated dispatcher
• Operational Bronze Commanders
• First Aid foot patrols

Mortal Team have gained a reputation for providing quality and its commitment to providing a service that is focused on the highest level of care.

Contact our 24-hour call center today and one of our team will discuss your requirements.