About Us

Where Mortal Becomes Immortal

Mortal’s team is a group of experienced individuals, sharing the same passion. Taking care of people’s needs is a simple philosophy which makes us stand ahead of other companies and why we are successful. Our hands on experience has build a solid foundation of treating everyone equally. At Mortal Security we believe in going the extra mile for our clients, our employees, and of course the communities. The ‘’MORTAL” spirit fulfils the criteria of serving special security packages based on every need. As an official licensed provider we want to make sure our people are happy with their choice.

About Our Vision

In Mortal Securities our vision is to create a long-lasting client-agency partnership that value our integrity and customer service.

About Our Mission

We strive to progress each and every day on completing our goals and thus becoming better at serving customers with the highest Standards of Security.

  • Nick Stavridis

    Managing Director

Nick Stavridis

Managing Director

Nick created Mortal Security with a bright vision of satisfying a unique client portfolio. His scope is offering the most complete package of security service. Over the years of experience, values and personal skills I have created this company to be recognised as a generator tool of professionalism and become one of the leaders in these fields of excellence.

Our goal is to improve the security level of Cyprus and become a way of life. The company has built a solid team The leaders in Close Protection, Chauffeuring, Security Drivers, Private Ambulances Coverage, Mobility Transportation & Security Guards. Mortal is enforced with an extensive vehicle fleet which is structured to offer different kind of services.

Nick has developed his career in United Kingdom, worked at various positions in Close Protection and Health & Safety industry which has given him a valuable inside in order to establish his own security firm. Along with his years of experience he also holds a BSc in Business Management, an MBA’s Masters degree and an MSc in Human Resource Management at Leeds Beckett University.

He has applied his experience, training and knowledge to the entire company making our service one of the safest in Cyprus. We are dedicated to cover every single need of our clients. Always extremely loyal, motivated and discreet. Everyone is given a high-class service.

*The company has built a solid team of dedicated individuals

*Mortal is enforced

*His training and knowledge lead the entire company to become one of the safest on the island