VIP BUS – “The Governor”

Our newest edition to our fleet is a very exclusive Bus with 5-star facilities of the German premium brand Volkswagen by Bleubird Tucana.

According to the client needs ‘’The ‘’Governor’’ is able to offer three particular transportation concept services such as:

1. Mobility Transportation

  • Can transport up to 6 wheelchairs on a go (Accessible Wheel chair rumps)


2. VIP Business Package

  • 16 seats passenger availability ensuring a smooth travel to your destination. All comforts will impress your journey and impressive arrival.


3. Private Parties or sports teams (Bachelors)

  • If you getting married and you want to be remembered, ‘’The governor’’ can make it happen, select your friends and enjoy every single moment of traveling together.
  • Sports Teams members can benefit from The ‘’Governor’’ and enjoy a synchronized trip to their stadium or court.


By this particularly high pitch travelers have plenty of space and a generous legroom.

The comfort seats are further distinguished by a so-called. Ambient upholstery, the most elaborate upholstery in Bluebird residency program.


Mortal Security concentrates on becoming the most practical way of living needs

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