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Security measures providing personal protection to ensure the safety of VIPs or other individuals.

Exceptional customer satisfaction is our number one priority for our Executive Chauffeur services.

Access to both public and private transport is crucial to the ability of people with disability.

Mortal Security Service specialises on a rapidly growing industry of children’s transportation.

Provide the necessary security and the prevention of deterrence and detection of vandalism.

Planning your event, means we coordinate all aspects of professional meetings and events.

There is an increased level of risk and supplementary protection is required.

Our professional security guards and watchmen, patrol and inspect property to protect your property.

Mortal Securities will provide security personnel and implement a 24/7 watch routine.

Mortal Securities and our CCTV system will make sure you are covered from all aspects.

Items are protected in a secure environment facility featuring modern security systems.

Personal delivery, often dedicated to one package / client / destination.

A bank Security Guard or Security Officer, secures bank premises against illegal

Whilst the purpose of risk assessment includes the prevention of occupational risks

We make it easy and safe to book award-winning childcare trough our immediate response time.

Fly all over Cyprus and feel the ultimate adrenaline

We can provide Accommodation officers/managers

Our newest addition to our fleet is a very

Mortal Security Services specializes in

Office cleaning gives a good first

Romantic couple in Carriage with Horses

We provide

Security services you can depend on

Trust Mortal Securities to protect you, your home and business from any potential threats. Our trained staff will provide you with the safety and security that you need and deserve.