MortalAirways – Paramotor Flying Service

If you want to experience powered flight, paramotoring is the most convenient, easiest and most basic option.

After just a few minutes of preparation you will be ready to take off and to effortlessly climb hundreds or even thousands of feet into the sky. Enjoy the beauty of our island, this unique activity will always be remembered.

Your flight could take you for many miles over the countryside. Unlike a conventional aircraft, once you switch the engine off you revert to being a glider and retain complete control.

Mortal Security is fully equipped with:

  • Paramotor equipment is fully loaded to curry two passengers
  • Live conversation with the Pilot
  • Licensed Pilot with 10 years flying experience
  • Video & Pictures at the end of the flight
  • Attractive family and friends packages
  • Unique moments to enjoy Cyprus beauty from above
  • Guidance and following Instructions